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Wim Hof Retreats

Taking place over 2 to 6 days, surrounded by majestic mountains and rivers in Canada and Western Europe, Wim Hof Retreats help us dive deep into ourselves and the method, utilizing nature and each other to support our path to wellness.

These longer retreats allow for a more profound connection, giving yourself more days allows you immerse yourself more fully in the training, expanding your processes, pressing the “reset” button, and finding transformation.

If you’re ready to dive deep into yourself, the breathwork, the cold, and the mind setting, then a retreat is the right place for you. Wim Hof Retreats are for people who can take a little more time for themselves, time to step away from the demands of everyday life and really drop into nature and themselves.

Utilizing the power of the breath, we cleanse the body and release old patterns and emotional blockages. In nature, together we find comfort in the discomfort and learn to play in the cold and throughout the waves of life. You will leave feeling revitalized and transformed.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming retreats scheduled - please check back soon!

A retreat was my first experience with the Wim Hof Method. A few days afterwards, I am still processing and trying to put all my raw emotions into words.

Rachel did an amazing job supporting the other participants and myself through this life-changing experience. She is such a kind and empathetic instructor with an exceptional sensitivity for other people’s energies. At the same time, she has profound knowledge and is an extremely powerful woman with a truly transformative energy of her own. She guided me through some deep healing in an intense Breathwork session where I could let go of negative emotions and blockades alike, feeling deeply liberated afterwards. Besides, Rachel is an amazing chef, providing us with delicious and nutrient-packed plant-based food for our journey. When we were in the mountain waterfall, she helped me step back into my true power.

I will always feel deeply grateful for this experience 🙏🌟

Carolin Cramer

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