Wim Hof Method

Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment

Its time to Reconnect with you

Rediscover Your Inner Radiance

Are you sensing a disconnection, feeling unappreciated, isolated, or overwhelmed by stress? It’s time for a profound journey into women’s empowerment—one centered around you. Let’s slow down, dive into the depths of self-listening, and rekindle that connection to yourself. In the embrace of witnessing and genuine support, release old patterns and rediscover the beacon of your innate inner wisdom. This is your time to shine. 🌟💚

“The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me.” – Glennon Doyle


Slow down, feel your breath and arrive. Through breathwork and somatic practices, we connect back to ourselves, our bodies, and our intuition.


Connect to yourself and to others. Supported by a community of women, we can connect deeper to ourselves, and show up more authentically with one another.

Release Your Wild Woman

Let go of old limiting patterns and step into your power! You were born wild and together we will connect to our wild woman.

Why Women’s Empowerment?

Unleash Your Authentic Essence


Women’s empowerment is not just a journey; it’s a vibrant embrace of your authentic self. Join a collective of supportive women as we intentionally slow down, shedding old patterns and rediscovering the essence within.

Transform Your Relationships


In the sacred space of self-connection, witness the ripple effect on your relationships. By finding home within, you navigate emotions, set boundaries, and authentically engage with your loved ones.

Embrace Your Inner Strength


Feel the surge of your power and step boldly into your life’s mission. Through transformative practices like breathwork and ice bathing, take charge of your narrative, embracing the strength that resides within you.

Empower the World Around You


Your empowered presence extends beyond personal transformation. As you feel supported, seen, and at home within yourself, radiate that energy to your community. Embrace your role, share your unique gifts, and become a catalyst for positive change in the world. Your journey starts here, with a powerful community and transformative tools at your fingertips. 💪✨

An Unique Approach to​ Women’s Empowernment: Breath, Embracing the Cold, Ignite your Mind

Experience women’s empowerment like never before—a fusion of breath, cold exposure, and mindset to awaken your innate power. My mission is simple: I want you not just to discover, but to embody your strength.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery

We begin by slowing down, connecting deeply to ourselves. Whether as a united group of empowering women or in one-on-one sessions, we share, we listen, and we intuitively guide each other.

Release, Reconnect, and Rediscover

Let go of what no longer serves you, reconnect with your core values, and feel your intuition & innate power. Together, we create a space where authenticity reigns.

Step Out Clear and Empowered

Whether through personalized coaching or transformative retreats, my goal is for you to emerge crystal clear and ready to tackle what truly matters to you. This is more than empowerment; this is a journey to reclaim your power and live authentically. 💪✨

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use the Wim Hof Method for Women's Empowerment?

The Wim Hof Method goes deep and can be a tool to connect to yourself, your deep intuition, and power.

  • The Wim Hof Method Breathwork releases old stale patterns and blocked emotions leaving you feeling relaxed and renewed.
  • Cold Exposure will break limiting beliefs, boost your confidence and leave you feeling your wild natural power!
  • Mind Setting and Habit Creation will set you on your path towards Empowerment!

Is the Wim Hof Method Suitable for Women?


Naturally, women have a different constitution than men. Body composition and size have a lot to do with cold perception – omen are often smaller than men and have less muscle mass. Therefore, it is important to Listen to the cues of your body.

Slowly, you will begin to perceive how often and how much cold exposure works for you. For example, some women find that practicing cold exposure during their period leaves them feeling tired and cold. On the other hand, some find cold exposure to be the cure to their cramps. Try it for yourself. Everybody is different.

You need to become the “captain of your own ship’’ – Wim Hof.

Ready to reclaim your power? Join me for an upcoming Retreat or learn more about 1-on-1 Coaching

Women’s Empowerment Retreats


Join me for a 2 – 6 day retreat in the beautiful mountains of Germany, Austria, Poland or Canada. Take off the masks of daily life and feel your authentic being. Together in a safe space, using the Wim Hof Method and other modalities, surrounded by like-minded women we will drop deeply into ourselves, our bodies, and our power.

Women’s Empowerment Coaching

Want personalized coaching? With 1-on-1 Coaching, we will dive into your individual needs and objectives. Throughout our work together, you’ll have tailored resources and feedback and personalized support to guide you closer to yourself.